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About Us

About Us

Denise Walsh is the mastermind behind Rustiq Salons. Having honed her hair industry skills over the past 23 years Denise now owns Rustiq Kilkenny, which opened in 2005.

Denise began her hair training journey in Ireland, and has also studied in Australia and London having benefited from soaking up knowledge on both sides of the equator. Living in Brisbane, Australia for a number of years,Denise managed a chain of salons while she studied for her Masters with Wella; and as through this is not impressive enough, she achieved first place on the course!

Not content with solely being a skilled hairdresser Denise has pursued her keen interest in the business aspect of the hair industry by completing‘Fantastic Business’programmes in both London and Ireland. This expertise in the area of management has taken both salons to new heights, combiningthe technical skills of hairdressing with an in-depth knowledge of how to manage a successful business. This has been a match made in heaven. Denise has an eye for detail and her forte lies in overseeing all facets of the salons from superior customer service to impeccable technical services.

Denise has a few words to say about how she views Rustiq Salons:

“As a company we strive to achieve excellent customer service and in order to do so I put my staff through their paces. It has taken a few years but I can confidently say that we are a high quality salon, with high quality staff and that their customer service skills are evident from the moment the customer walks through our doors.”

Denise’s passion for the industry is clear by the lengths she goes to in order to maintain the high quality service and results she believes her client’s deserve.  It has been 23 years since Denise has formed the Rustiq brand and Denise’s passion has not dwindled once. This consistency ensures that the excellence which clients of Rustiq Salons have come to enjoy will be around for many years to come.

After many years of research and preparation in 2023 Denise launched her own range of products specifically designed and created for curly hair. This range which Denise titled CurlyCo, contains an ever expanding range of professionally designed products at an affordable retail price
The ethos behind CurlyCo is to reignite the beauty of ones own natural curls.